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The subject Training For Entrepreneurs and Individuals

1. Training for Persons Applying for licenses Detective
2. Surveillance and Economic Espionage
3. Protection of Confidential Information / Opaque
4. Interview and Economic Espionage
5. Information Security in the Enterprise
6. BCP - Management of Crisis Situations



The program of each training, the scope of the issues, the time and place of performance is agreed each time with each client individually and adapted to his needs and expectations.

Reasons for such action by us, addicted among other circumstances that exist in the company, number of employees, type of access by lawyers to the data, incidents that took place or the same specific nature of activities (production, trade, services, etc.). Every time all the issues discussed are agreed prior to implementation in order to achieve the intended purpose.

If the above list is not training which you are interested, please contact the hotline (+48 530 997 130).