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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics - disclosure of crimes and abuses

goal: 'providing computer forensics allowing, among others, detection of fraud and crime, made using a computer or other electronic devices'

Current systems process the huge amount of invaluable data. Profile information on social networks, credit card numbers and credit, passwords, bank accounts, bank transfers, patient stories and so on ... Among other things, against the loss of precious computer data protection computer forensics, the aim of which is to protect against data loss and to provide evidence of crimes committed in the digital world. Risks associated with cybercrime are currently at a very high level. They are characterized by a high degree of sophistication, combining many ways to attack via social engineering, malware or hacker attacks. Targeted information; a victim? - Individuals, companies and institutions.

We offer specialized services investigative analysis performed in the laboratory. Customers use them in cases of suspicion of disloyalty employee, fraud, network intrusion, data leakage, data theft, data destruction and other IT incidents. Our solutions are targeted to individuals, companies and institutions. All our services are carried out by teams of specialists, engineers, computer forensics with more than twenty years of experience in this industry. If the following list does not include an analysis / verification which you are interested, please contact the hotline (+48 530 997 130).


• the development of electronic evidence.
• Security of users on the network
• Verification of whether there has been a breach of IT security policy
• Application security and network
• Data safety
• Verification of burglaries and incidents
• Analysis of mobile devices
• Destruction of data carriers
• Data recovery
• diagnostics, repair damage and backup drives
• analysis and restoration of lost data structures
• Analysis of investigation
• Securing and data analysis
• Recover deleted information / news / images ect.