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How we work

Individual approach to our customers' orders and thus every time we manage to achieve success and, above all, the satisfaction of every customer. We assist in confirming eventual betrayal partner / spouse, carry out activities related to cybercrime what helps computer forensics, verify the actions of individual members of a family on projects under the motto "Family Safety", we set the addresses of the persons sought / held estates, searching for people.

We carry out projects designed to reduce the loss of business; protect against unfair competition, establish the rules of conduct in a crisis situation (BCP), to provide protection against the loss of personal / financial etc, verify current or are potential future employees.

Here's workflow implemented by each of our mandate:

Direct customer meeting - manager during which we discuss inter alia the following elements: knowledge of the needs / customer problem, learning expectations, adjusting the right tools for the execution of the order, propose solutions, signing a contract
Discussion of the issues and the solutions proposed by the Manager for the so-called. Committee
Joining the execution by the appropriate personnel department data
Regular verification of progress in the implementation of the order by the appropriate Coordinator Implementation Manager and the Host
Gather all the information / materials and prepare a report / report for a client
Meeting customer - Manager / discussion execution; presentation of results and presentation of the report of activities carried out.